28 October 2005

whereiamworking #11: Tally-ho!

Movie action: Ride with me!

Let's get back for some drinkey-poos

21 October 2005

whereiamworking #10: That Woman

Here is That Woman I have to work with, again. She likes to wear her pink nightie to work (and she sometimes spends time straddling the wooden beams of our office). It is very distracting.

17 October 2005

whereiamworking: #9 The Code

Because whereiamworking is in the country, there is a special code in place. It is called The Country Code. People adhere to the Code by warning other people to expect the unexpected.

10 October 2005

whereiamworking: #5 Two for the price of one

Here are some of the cows that run past our window...

... and this is what they like to leave on the road:

whereiamworking: #4 Co-worker II

Here is a woman I have to work with. It is dark because there has been an eclipse of the sun and she has rushed outside to look at it through a compact disc.

whereiamworking: #3 Co-worker

Here is one of my colleagues looking out of his special window:

whereiamworking: #2 Doggie

whereiamworking there is a doggie that likes to be touched:

whereiamworking: #1 Introduction

This is one of the views from the office of whereiamworking: