17 October 2005

whereiamworking: #9 The Code

Because whereiamworking is in the country, there is a special code in place. It is called The Country Code. People adhere to the Code by warning other people to expect the unexpected.


Clare said...

I think it's an indication of the crop the farmer wants to grow in that field, but it's been spelt wrong. He is hoping his wife will plant a single giant leek which will help him win the flowershow leek class.

What he doesn't know is that on the day she goes out to plant it, a workman will come to fix the leak. He and the farmer's wife will fall in love and run away, leaving the farmer to reflect that women need more from a man than wide acreage, secure barns, state of the art machinery and good animal husbandry.

whereiamworking said...

The above comment is too long (and boring).