28 October 2007

#65: Carry on, camping

Getting the pole up

16 September 2007

#63: Antworks

My friends, the ants (approx. 25 of them)...

Early days

Zonked out on ant drugs


Good burrowing song

02 August 2007

#61: Are you Clare in disguise?

You are ??% Clare!

You are on the cusp of Grantness.

Clare quiz
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24 April 2007

#48: We have a hot water urn

1) To save money (we go through a kettle at the rate of about one per calendar month)
2) To save time (no more valuable work time wasted, waiting for the water to boil)
3) To save the environment (it only takes an hour and a half to boil a full urn's content)
ErnieWe all hate it.

24 January 2007

15 January 2007