24 April 2007

#48: We have a hot water urn

1) To save money (we go through a kettle at the rate of about one per calendar month)
2) To save time (no more valuable work time wasted, waiting for the water to boil)
3) To save the environment (it only takes an hour and a half to boil a full urn's content)
ErnieWe all hate it.


Ron Ikea said...

I think it's an excellent idea.

Too much valuable worktime can be wasted by simply watching a kettle boil. By installing this urn, it opens the door for at least twenty nine seconds of business opportunities to (pardon the pun) perforate through.

Congratulations to whoever came up with this ingenious idea. I'd put money on it being a winner.

Farina said...

We're thinking of getting one at work. Is it a more environmentally friendly approach than a kettle? We also get alot of limescale. Will this be an issue? Thanks